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Antranig Dance Ensemble "Wows" Hartford Area Community

As the dancers of the AGBU Antranig Dance Ensemble have learned over the years, there is a difference between each performance. Some have more energy, some have more class, some have more fun, and some are just plain memorable.

When the Antranig Ensemble recently performed for the Greater Hartford Armenian community, they discovered another emotion intheir efforts, that of mutual admiration with their audience.
Wherever the Ensemble travels, it's always welcomed graciously, treated wonderfully and applauded enthusiastically. But in Hartford, there was a difference.

The dances prepared by Antranig's long-time Choreographer Gagik Karapetian of Yerevan and Artistic Director Joyce Tamesian- Shenloogian were delivered with the energy, grace, synchronization and fine detail that each required. The authentic costumes imported from Armenia were coordinated for each dance, sized for each dancer and pressed for a crisp look. And the music of Ara Gevorkian of other Armenian maestros was selected for maximum effect.

But at the Hartford performance, the audience made the difference. Their response to the dancers and the dances, from opening number to encore, drove the members of the Antranig Ensemble individually and as a group. It was as if the audience knew what to look for, when to respond, how to respond and how much to react.

No doubt the delivery from the stage motivated them to their cheers and applause, but it resulted in a unique coordination between Ensemble and audience rarely seen in theater productions. The
dancers left the theater that night not sure which side of the stage appreciated the other side more.

The event was sponsored by four churches from the Greater Hartford area, including Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection, New Britain; St. George Armenian Church, Hartford; St. Mark Armenian Church of Springfield, MA; and St. Stephens Armenian Church, Hartford.

It was the first appearance by the Antranig Dance Ensemble in the Hartford area since 1984. Memories have faded over the past twenty years, but reactions to this performance will last a lifetime.

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