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Joyce Tamesian-Shenloogian - Artistic Director

There are few people who can say they've seen and experienced every level of the development of the Antranig Dance Ensemble. Joyce Tamesian-Shenloogian is one of them, having been a member of the Ensemble since its origins in the early 1970s.
From humble beginnings as a back-row teenager, to primary female soloist, Assistant Dance Director, and now Artistic Director of Antranig, Joyce has truly worked her way up the ladder and has excelled every step of the way.

As soloist, Joyce created and performed such graceful dances as Im Anoush Davigh in "The Eternal Flame" and Makhmoor Akhchig in the group's "Pictures of Armenia" production. In addition she's performed memorable duets with her partner Randy Sapah-Gulian, including The Lovers Suite among others.

As Assistant Director in the 1980s, Joyce was responsible for training the girls of the ensemble as they learned, refined and performed through a number of high-profile stage productions. Known for her close relationship with the dancers on a performance and personal level, Joyce has solved problems and soothed nerves in many a dressing room that never found their way to the stage.

She is a professional in her field of Dance Education/Dance Performance and Choreography, having received extensive training in various dance schools and holding a degree in Performing Arts, Speech and Theater from Montclair State University.

In 1986 Joyce was named Artistic Director of the Antranig Dance Ensemble. It was a fitting tribute from the group that has been so close to her heart for so long. Over fifteen years later she's held the position longer and brought more productions to stage than any other of the group's fine directors. These include "Gift From Armenia," "Love and Laughter" and "From Armenia With Love," as well as two-week tours of Armenia and Europe in the 1990s.

Joyce's unique ability to work with young members and give them the time and patience to mature as dancers has been a cornerstone of her success. She's also always willing to develop able assistants and share her successes of the highly successful Antranig dance program.

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