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Gagik Karapetian - Choreographer

In the thirty-year life of an organization there are only a few events that can truly be called 'momentous.' Bringing in Gagik Karapetian as the Choreographer of the Antranig Dance Ensemble is clearly one such occasion. Now assisting the group for over ten years, Mr. Karapetian has changed the face of the ensemble whilemaintaining its long-time reputation as one of the world'sstandard-bearers of Armenian dance.

Born into a family of professional dancers, Mr. Karapetian has built a personal resume that reads like a model career of cultural performance. He was a member of the esteemed State Dance Ensemble of Armenia for 21 years, most of that time as a Principle Dancer/soloist. His worldwide performance itinerary in that time included hundreds of performances in over a dozen countries on four continents.

He has studied dance forms both inside and outside Armenia and has worked with a large number of dancers and dance groups through the years, training all levels of young and mature men and women. In addition, he works with a number of theatrical groups in Armenia to add dance and movement to their stage productions.

With a background of performance, learning and teaching it was a logical honor when he was selected as the Choreographer of the State Dance Ensemble of Armenia several years ago. Working with the only professional Armenian dance troupe in the world, he was able to give life to his unique understanding of the art.

At the same time, with the Antranig Dance Ensemble Mr. Karapetian has been developing Armenian dance well beyond the ethnographic and traditional productions so well-known in America. His desire to bring contemporary themes and broader dance stylings into the mainstream, while still being true to the beauty and traditions of Armenian dance, have led to some truly unique productions by the Antranig Dance Ensemble in recent years.

In addition to the dance creation and training he brings to Antranig, he is recognized by the dancers at the higher level of mentor. By working with the group for three months each year, he is able to bring out the best of their abilities for audiences to see what can be done with the Armenian dance artform. Each production brings something new, so be sure to see each one!

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